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Core Innovation

String is a unified set of layer-1 blockchain networks providing a single point of access to all applications and services within the decentralized space. Our token functions as a transactional segue between both utility tokens and global securities.

We provide a robust solution within the global marketplace that addresses users needs across multiple dimensions including payments, STOs, Media, Compute, Healthcare & NFTs.

Our public network presents the first decentralized ledger of transactions. Thus, protecting community independence and account privacy. A unique swappable consensus algorithm that reduces transaction fees and provides strong TPS while also maintaining decentralization via BFT principles. It offers modifiability and protection in hashing in order to prevent future quantum hijacking. String thwarts attacks at the network level, while also maintaining sovereignty of node deployment.

Unlike many others in the space, we can not do this without you. Together, we can build the strongest next-gen community in the world. Join us.



2017 - 2020


April 2021

Released initial chain "TestNet"

November 2021

White Paper V1

March 2022

Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator

June 2022

String Release & Issuance


Built by Fractal Technology

Today, we are building tomorrow’s enterprise with String. To put it simply we bring the best talent together to solve the most difficult problem within AI, Blockchain, and IoT. We are integrators of the blockchain ecosystem nurturing a permissionless, decentralized, & trustless world.